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Raising Mentally Healthy Kids with Michelle Nietert

Oct 12, 2021

As parents we want to believe we know our own kids, but without understanding their temperaments we don’t have the full picture. In the second part of my conversation with John Trent and Dewey Wilson we’re breaking down the different personality types we have in our homes according to Dr. Trent’s four animal personality assessment and discussing how we can use that understanding to help encourage each other rather than cause friction in our relationships by exploring how they interact with one another. You can take the assessment for free at

The Four Animal Personalities:

🦁 Lion

Strengths: Bold, adventurous, determined, and competitive, lions are “take charge” types who love solving big problems.

Challenges: Impulsive decision-making; can be too direct or impatient with others or doesn’t listen; may seem more interested in their goals than their relationships; bored by routine and chit-chat

🦦 Otter

Strengths: Energetic, fun-loving, and optimistic, otters can chat for hours and are great at motivating and inspiring others.

Challenges: Energized by novelty and so avoids details or lacks follow-through; overly trusting; may set unrealistic goals or seem unconcerned about risks or meeting deadlines

🐕 Golden Retriever

Strengths: Easygoing, empathetic, and loyal, golden retrievers are patient listeners and peacemakers who highly value their relationships with others.

Challenges: Easily hurt or holds a grudge; needs routine and time to process change or major decisions; ignores their own needs to keep the peace; explanations meander


Strengths: Analytical and detail-oriented, beavers like to do a job well and to ponder all the implications before making a decision.

Challenges: Can frustrate others with their precision and desire for details; their impulse to troubleshoot new ideas can make them seem like a “wet blanket”; too critical of self and others.

Resources mentioned:
The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts
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