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Raising Mentally Healthy Kids with Michelle Nietert

Jul 12, 2021

In the second half of my conversation with author Crystal Paine, we’re continuing our discussion of what to do when your child talks about suicide. During our chat, she shares the advice that a counselor offered her about her approach to her child’s mental health that changed her perspective (and yielded better results). She also gives some suggestions about how we can create connection over correction to help our children grow and offers some encouragement to moms who feel like they’re facing this struggle alone.

Key points from this episode:

👨👩👧👦 Parents should be involved in their child’s treatment plan. The best therapy impacts the child and the entire family system.
🛠 When Crystal stopped trying to fix and correct her kid and focused on loving them and walking with them through the process, it helped her look objectively at how she was parenting.
👂We create connection with our children by stepping into their world and engaging with them in things they’re interested in. “Don’t listen to fix, listen to hear.”
⏰ After 4 years of therapy and meds, Crystal says her child is totally different, but the process hasn’t been easy. It’s taken education of how their child’s brain works and daily practice of modeling emotional language.
💊 Medications are intimidating, but they can be a great resource to help regulate the chemical imbalance a child is experiencing.
🤍 If your child is suicidal, you are not alone. Find a few trusted people to love you through the journey and provide wise counsel. When in doubt, check it out. It’s worth it to do the hard work. Set aside your pride and get help.

Resources Mentioned:

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