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Raising Mentally Healthy Kids with Michelle Nietert

Jul 7, 2020

This week on Raising Brave Beauties, @lynncowell and I are joined by expert @karikampakis.

She lives with her husband and four daughters in Birmingham, Alabama. She is an author, blogger, and national speaker and her latest book “Love Her Well: 10 Ways to Find Joy and Connection with your Teenage Daughter” is available for pre-order at

We’re talking about:

🕰Choosing your timing and words carefully when speaking to your daughter

👍🏼 Being an empathic parent and validating their experiences

👂Giving your child the option to ask for help vs just a listening ear

🌈The effects of reading and expressing emotions in a healthy way


Listen via the link in bio or wherever you listen to your podcasts!

And be sure to check out our book “Loved and Cherished” available for pre-order on Amazon, shipping early September! 🌸✨📚