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Raising Mentally Healthy Kids with Michelle Nietert

Aug 29, 2017

It's hard to let go of our kids and watch them face the struggles of this world. In this episode Michelle and her guest Proverbs 31 speaker Lynn Cowell discuss practical ways to instill independence and confidence in your child(ren) as they develop throughout childhood all the way to releasing them as leave the home. We want our kids to know even as they continue to become more independent that we are on their team and available to them.  This episode discusses the importance of not doing everything for them but still being available to encourage their hearts and be their safety nets when they truly need one. 

As the episode continues they discuss and challenge all of us to model confidence and trust in God to our children empowering them to embrace that as well. We can have confidence knowing that God not only goes before them but works in and through them in all aspects of their every day lives. 

Lynn is the author of Brave Beauty, a new book releasing for tween girls in the coming week. 

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The book can be purchased at Amazon by following this link: 

You can find more formation about the book by going on social media and searching for #bravebeautybook

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