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Hosted by Michelle Nietert, a professional counselor and speaker empowering audiences in and out of the office for over 20 years, Counselor Thoughts provides solutions for life for you and your loved ones. Each episode launches with expert discussions with guests including professional Christian counselors, parenting and mental health experts, and nationally published authors. Our goal is to equip you in areas such parenting, mental health, life skills, emotion coaching, relationships and any challenges that life brings your way. These discussions of 20 minutes or less also provide a scripture along with a prayer that you can use in your everyday walk or share with your child. For additional resources, check out Michelle's blog and speaking schedule at
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Dec 21, 2018

The holiday season often brings festive activities and get-togethers for many, but it also means that finding time to rest can pose as a challenge. Join Michelle Nietert as she speaks with author and sister, Melissa Spoelstra of Total Family Makeover, on what Scripture says about rest and what restorative activities may look like for you and your family, especially during the busy holiday season.

Melissa explores what true rest may look like for families and how modeling restorative activities for your children can impact not only them, but the entire family as well. More importantly, she places importance on finding rest in your relationship with Jesus and how he modeled that for us. Jesus took time to rest during his ministry and so should you!

Notes from the show:

Why is rest so important? What does it look like in your family? Rest often gets the most pushback from children—but it's essential to create that margin that works for your family to allow your soul to be restored through rest.

God took the last day to rest when he created the world—he modeled rest for us! The fourth commandment also told us to take Sabbath. Jesus was never racing from one thing to another and had a relaxed attitude toward life. Even though we're not bound to Sabbath by law since Jesus fulfilled the Sabbath, it's still important to take time to rest.

We need to value rest in a culture that values productivity. Don't confuse rest with leisure. Ask yourself, does my soul feel restored? Is it just escape or truly restful? Find what works!

Proverbs 14:30 states a relaxed attitude lengthens life!

Questions explored:

Does this activity draw me closer to the Lord or further?

How does this leave my mind, body, soul, and spirit at the end of it?

Did it produce anything? True rest doesn't produce anything but solely resting.

What are you modeling for your child?

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Dec 5, 2018

Has blending families proven to a much bigger challenge than you anticipated? The key to a harmonious life may just be a perspective shift away.

In this episode, Michelle and author Gayla Grace ( breakdown five myths about stepfamily life that can help adjust expectations and bring the contentment you've been searching for.


5 Myths About Step Family Life
Step Parenting with Grace

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